Sovereign Royalty was formed in March 22nd, 2007, for the principal purpose of reviewing oil and gas development prospects upon which Partnerships and Joint Ventures could be formed with other small to medium size Energy Companies to engage in exploration, development and production activities in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and "Bakken Shale" in North Dakota. However, now we can reach out to many Energy and Production Companies around the country in need of financing from the Global Private Equity Markets. It is intended that the services that Sovereign Royalty will provide to the Projects In-house Financing to other Partnerships and Joint Ventures with which Sovereign Royalty may participate, in connection with oil and gas exploration, development and production activities thorough out the USA.

            The Sovereign Royalty Management will rely upon the services and advice of consultants who are available such as Geologist, Petroleum Engineers, Geophysicists and Oil Service Companies on a contract, per day or hourly basis.  The Managing Venture may also employ such engineers on a consulting basis in order to have available the benefit of their specific knowledge, on a consulting basis.

            Sovereign Royalty LLC is a Nevada limited liability company organized in March 22, 2007. Sovereign Royalty is located in Dallas, TX. The Van Tol LLC Joint Venture is the first Joint Venture it has sponsored into the "Barnett Shale Oil" play in Denton County, Texas.The Belcher Prospect consists of 420 acres and is the Companies second Joint Venture scheduled drilling project expected to begin drilling May 27th,2013 and also potentially drill and complete between 30 to 60 oil and gas wells during the next 5 to 7 years separately on an adjacent 2000+ acreage lease. This may be accomplished with Institutional Partners. Sovereign Royalty has participated with a variety of other energy companies  in other projects which has included other oil and gas wells.

  Both companies, with over 25 years in the domestic oil and gas industry, International Finance and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), Humanitarian Aid Developments in many African Countries since 1992. His professional activities include working for several Registered Broker/Dealers as a Licensed 22 and 63 representatives for broker dealer companies. He has participated in drilling, testing, logging, completion and well operations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Kansas as well as deep platform gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Sovereign Royalty over the last decade has traveled extensively to Europe and Africa, studying and acquiring a unique understanding of the global financial markets. With excellent analytic organization, planning and proven to manage multi-projects simultaneously in some of the most extreme environments, using time management and the most advanced energy and mining technologies available in the U.S. and the world, combining both state of the art science and computer data equipment for optimal effectiveness.

Since 2008, our efforts have focused on the development of oil and gas venues in Texas and the "Barnett Oil Shale" producing field in Denton County, Texas. Also included is the "Permian Basin Oil Shale" in West Texas, "Eagle Ford Oil Shale" in South Texas and the "Bakken Oil Shale" in North Dakota.

Sovereign Royalty is currently reviewing and negotiating between 30,000 to 50,000 mineral acre leases for acquisition, production and for "buy-out" purposes, from small to major energy companies.

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